Parking Problems in Cities and Their Solutions

Car parking can be provided in three forms, on street (curb parking), off street (parking lot), and parking structures which maybe be in two types; either as a single or double floors constituting the building basement (if underground), or podium (if above ground), or as an individual structure (multi-story garage). Every form of parking should be able to maximize the number of cars that can be parked in it.

Car parking is a major problem in urban areas. Following the rapid intensity of car ownership, many cities are suffering from lack of car parking areas. Being unprepared for the growth in car owners is also one of the factors why cities have parking problems. People tend to prefer to buy a car because owning a car offers an unmatched benefit of comfort, speed, autonomy, and privacy. No private vehicle is always in motion. Private vehicles stay at rest most times either during work hours or at night. This means that there should be two places for each and every car in the city to be parked in.

The imbalance between parking supply and demand can be considered the initial reason for metropolis parking problems. This imbalance could be because of ineffective urban planning or miscalculations of space requirements during the first stages of planning because it is often overlooked aspect of urban planning and transportation.The parking system plays a key role in the metropolitan traffic system, and the lack of it shows closed relations with traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and environmental pollution. Efficient parking systems can improve urban transportation, the city environment, and  the quality of life for citizens.

Most importantly parking should be most accessible to those who need it. The handicap parking space should be located near entrances. If there is no building entrance it should be near pedestrian walkways. The size of a handicap parking space must be van accessible so that wheelchairs and walkers could easily go through. There should also be a ADA Parking Signage that could be easily seen so that it is easily identified by someone who needs a handicap parking space.