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    How many followers do you need to get verified

    Today we live in a society where we legitimize someone not by their credibility but by whether or not they have a substantial follower base or whether or not they are verified on their social media platforms or not. In order for businesses and influencers to make themselves validated, they now seek to get themselves verified in all of their platforms. This is highly useful since some people attempt to build careers off of their social media accounts. For example, you can quickly seek workout routines, buy clothing, buy decoration materials Et cetera all through these online platforms. A verification also gives the users a psychological push to follow an account, ultimately assisting in growing your audience on Instagram and other social media platforms. Now to get verified, there are a few hurdles required to be completed by the party asking to get verified so that they can actually earn that blue tick or a badge.


    As per Instagram’s algorithm, an account requires a minimum of ten thousand for even applying for a blue verification tick. The number has made to be this high since they don’t want everyone to get a blue tick, and only those who are thoroughly deserving should be able to get that verification tick. Since this tick not only has its way on increasing the follower base but also helps to get brand deals which can become a stream for earning a good income. For this, only the deserving people should be able to put in charge of such responsibility. When sponsoring a brand, the influencer needs to put out content that will obviously help reach the sponsor’s message to the maximum number of people. But apart from this, every content an influencer puts out also represents Instagram. Hence, if they go on to give badges to everyone, a situation could come where such verified accounts might put out some undesirable content that cannot be condoned by Instagram. Some Instagram users use bots to increase the number of followers, however, that is illegal, that is why you should use only the best Instagram growth service that follows the rules of Instagram and will help you grow real followers using marketing techniques.

    Things to Avoid

    Before applying for a verification badge, you should not be linked with any sort of identity theft. Since such platforms highly dislike these acts, they might even go on to deactivate the account permanently. Secondly, the content you put out should of a certain level and standard. This meant an account with border-line sexual content cannot be verified under any condition or number of followers. In addition, your content must have some considerable value for people to notice. If your content has no viable value to anyone, why would Instagram reach out to get your account verified? Lastly, any previous activities relating to such fragile topics such as racism and homosexuality would surely bring a cynical eye towards your account and should be avoided or deleted before applying for the job.

    These are hurdles required are set standards by these social media platforms from these influencers and businesses accounts in order to get verified, which will eventually help them gain a substantial level of following and earning opportunities.  

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    Making money online – How does CPA work?

    CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition. Also known as Cost Per Action and Pay Per Acquisition (PPA). CPA marketing works on cost per acquisition. It is an online pricing model where advertisers pay for a specified acquisition. This includes, selling, clicking, and submitting forms. Such as to contact, to subscribe, to sign up, to registration, etc. Advertisers often consider CPA to be the best way to buy advertising online because they only have to pay successful acquisitions. Meaning they only pay affiliates for leads that result in a sale.

    In a sales context, a lead refers to contact with a potential customer. A lead is already determined to be a prospective customer, whereas they consider a lead to be any sales contact. Meanwhile an affiliate or publisher, promotes a business’ product or service in order to drive traffic to the business’ ecommerce site. AFfiliates are usually influencers, bloggers, youtubers etc.

    Apart from CPA, there’s Pay Per Lead (PPL). It is an online and offline advertising payment model in online and offline advertising payment model in which leads are charged based on the distribution of leads.

    Another one is, Cost Per Lead (CPL). It is slightly different from CPA. In CPL advertisers pay for interested leads. Meaning payment is made to collect contact information of those who are interested in the advertisers product or service.

    Now that you know what CPA is, How does CPA marketing work?

    The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is calculated as follows:

    Total cost of marketing campaign divided by the total number of successful actions or acquisitions taken.

    For further understanding look at this example:

    If a business spends $2000 in a campaign and gets 50 successful acquisitions, the cost per action is $40.

    In CPA marketing commision is only received when a user takes action. These actions include, filling up a form, subscribing to a newsletter, signing up, registering, shopping etc.

    CPA marketing’s formula is low risk for advertisers. This is unlike paid traffic where advertisers pay just to get people on your site. CPA is safer because you only pay for successful actions after they occur.

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    Parking Problems in Cities and Their Solutions

    Car parking can be provided in three forms, on street (curb parking), off street (parking lot), and parking structures which maybe be in two types; either as a single or double floors constituting the building basement (if underground), or podium (if above ground), or as an individual structure (multi-story garage). Every form of parking should be able to maximize the number of cars that can be parked in it.

    Car parking is a major problem in urban areas. Following the rapid intensity of car ownership, many cities are suffering from lack of car parking areas. Being unprepared for the growth in car owners is also one of the factors why cities have parking problems. People tend to prefer to buy a car because owning a car offers an unmatched benefit of comfort, speed, autonomy, and privacy. No private vehicle is always in motion. Private vehicles stay at rest most times either during work hours or at night. This means that there should be two places for each and every car in the city to be parked in.

    The imbalance between parking supply and demand can be considered the initial reason for metropolis parking problems. This imbalance could be because of ineffective urban planning or miscalculations of space requirements during the first stages of planning because it is often overlooked aspect of urban planning and transportation.The parking system plays a key role in the metropolitan traffic system, and the lack of it shows closed relations with traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and environmental pollution. Efficient parking systems can improve urban transportation, the city environment, and  the quality of life for citizens.

    Most importantly parking should be most accessible to those who need it. The handicap parking space should be located near entrances. If there is no building entrance it should be near pedestrian walkways. The size of a handicap parking space must be van accessible so that wheelchairs and walkers could easily go through. There should also be a ADA Parking Signage that could be easily seen so that it is easily identified by someone who needs a handicap parking space.

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    Can you use CBD oil for pain relief?

    Studies have shown that CBD or cannabidiol may help reduce pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters. CBD has been marketed as a treatment for a number of medical conditions, including chronic pain. CBD can actually help with multiple facets of pain, including inflammation and the anxiety constant pain can cause, in addition to the pain itself.

    CBD oil for pain relief can be taken by ingestion, topically or inhalation. 

    CBD oil may be swallowed via capsule or or ingested by adding it in food or drink. With this method, CBD will be absorbed through the digestive tract. Absorption will be slow, so dosing is tricky due to that its effect is delayed (within 1-2 hours) and may vary in time of onset in different individuals. CBD may also be absorbed directly into the bloodstream sublingually, by holding the CBD oil under the tongue for 60-120 seconds. With this method, absorption will be faster and its effect can be felt within 15-45 minutes.

    CBD oil can also be applied to the skin or over a painful muscle or joint. This is recommended for local pains in the body. 

    For some other pains, CBD oil can be inhaled via vaporizing. Effect on alleviation of pain can be instantly felt within a few minutes with this method. However, inhalation may not be recommended for people who have pulmonary disease or condition. It has also been found that CBD, especially in combination with THC, provides better and more effective pain relief for multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

    It is important to note that CBD may interact with certain over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, prescription medications, and dietary supplements. Thus, it is advised to check up on with your doctor or a medical professional first before taking CBD as treatment for pain.